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Secure your international transactions with our iDesk Escrow services!





Trust Ranking available to the consumer with which it can independently evaluate if a brand - product service is authentic, reliable, safe


Integrated direct support on International business, trading, supply chain, distribution, logistics, payments, regulatory management and related customs procedures. Secure your transactions with our iDesk Escrow services!

Unlock Global Business Expansion

Nexth iDESKs

Unlock the full potential of your business with Nexth iDESK's seamless integration of Accounting, Digital ITV, and International Trading.

You are "Ready for business Everywhere"
Elevate your import, export, and company activities through shared operational expertise, assets, and local business licenses.

Mitigate risks, expedite market entry, and gain direct access to business licenses through our unparalleled opportunity.

Give your customers a quick way to find the products they want. Thanks to a built-in, intuitive search and filtering, they can view only those products that they’re interested in.(Wiki)

Start operations instantly. Program duration 3, 6 months, or longer.

iDESK Accelerator Step-by-step

  • 1

    iDESK Service Registration
    (Countries selection)

  • 2

    Activation Nexth iDESK Account

  • 3

    Products on Nexth eProcurement
    (Wholesale Prices & Discounts)

  • 4

    Multichannel distribution activation
    (iTV, B2B, Horeca)

  • 5

    Supply Chain Management
    (Warehouse / Logistic/ Customs)

Elevate Your Reach with Digital ITV

Nexth iDESK integrates Digital Interactive Television (ITV) with international business to capitalize on the power of visual media.

This feature allows businesses to create compelling content that captivates and engages international markets.

Through Digital ITV, you can showcase and distribute your products and services in a dynamic and interactive format, making a lasting impression on potential customers worldwide

Unlock Exclusive Meta-Business Channels

Nexth iDESK opens the door to exclusive meta-business channels, providing unparalleled interactive connectivity and distribution.

These channels offer glocalized opportunities, seamlessly merging global reach with localized experiences.

Enhance your services and products by leveraging these unique channels to create personalized, engaging interactions with your target audience

Optimize International Trading

International trading can be complex, but Nexth iDESK simplifies it by providing tools that synchronize seamlessly with your accounting, business channels and digital media efforts.

By integrating these functions, iDESK facilitates smooth data flow, ensuring that your trading strategies are informed by accurate financial data and effective marketing insights


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Activate your Shartify

Shartify is a Trust Ranking available to the consumer with which it can independently evaluate if a brand - product service is authentic, reliable, safe. At the same time, it's a tool that concretely helps the brand to compete on the market based on its reliability, credibility and values.

Protect your Trademark in China

To help companies to defend against this growing risk, Nexth.One launches "Protect your Trademark in China".


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