Immerse yourself in a All-in-One World of meta-experiences that is reshaping the way you interact beyond the entertainment, redefining digital interactivity. A World of Worlds where you are the master creator of your own personalized digital universes

Your Disruptive World of Worlds

Experience the future of digital XEntertainment with Nexth World. Dive into a meta-experience that's reshaping the way you interact beyond the entertainment. Explore immersive virtual Worlds Experiences




INXA Your Disruptive All-in-One

Revolutionary all-in-one World of Worlds, ushering in a new era of boundless meta-experiences without constraints. Explore, connect, and redefine your digital journey like never before.

XSpots your Experiences @Nexth World

Pin your Nexth World experiences using exclusive XCircles, interactive XImages, and XProducts/Booths, creating a truly immersive digital journey.

The All-in-One Management Hub

Inxa Control Console

The All-in-One INXA Control Console serves as the comprehensive All-in-One management hub for the entire Nexth.one ecosystem and its suite of Nexth XTools. This centralized platform is designed to streamline operations, enhance user engagement, and optimize business strategies within the phygital environment.

The Inxa Control Console provides businesses with a powerful and intuitive interface to manage all aspects of their presence on Nexth.one. By integrating various tools and features into a single platform, it simplifies the management process, ensuring efficiency and consistency across the entire ecosystem

Nexth XTools Managed by Inxa Ai Agent

Nexth iTV Channels

Manage Nexth iTV interactive television contents, including Metastories and advertisements, to provide immersive and engaging viewing experiences for users (Wiki)


Manage interactive wish lists, favorites, and advertising features. Enable exclusive interactions such as chats, shopping, and sharing within the XCircle ecosystem (Wiki)

XMaps Advanced Interface

Utilize dynamic visualization and interactive mapping to showcase business locations, products, and services. Enhance user experience by providing real-time exploration options (wiki)

Nexth Phygital World Expo

Groundbreaking convergence of physical and digital worlds, offering immersive and interactive expo experiences that redefine traditional notions of trade shows and exhibitions (wiki)


Revolutionizes the way you search and gather information online. With InSearch, you can seamlessly find news and search the web, images, and videos directly through Google, all in one place fully intergrated with XCircle (Wiki)

XSpot Management

Oversee and customize phygital spots within the ecosystem, creating dynamic interaction points that drive user engagement and exploration (Wiki)

XMaps Ai Advanced Interface

Nexth XWorld

The XMaps advanced interface offered by Nexth.one empowers businesses to visualize their presence and offerings in a dynamic and interactive manner.

By providing users with intuitive navigation, detailed information, and visually appealing displays, the XMaps interface enhances the overall user experience and drives engagement, conversion, and brand visibility.

XMap Glocalize Interactive Experience is a dynamic platform designed to bridge the gap between global and local perspectives through immersive and interactive content.

This innovative experience leverages cutting-edge technology to create a seamless blend of experiential activities, geographical information, cultural insights, and user engagement, offering a unique way to explore and understand the XWorld

XMaps Benefit

Enhanced User Engagement

The dynamic and interactive nature of the XMaps interface captivates users' attention and encourages exploration, leading to increased engagement and interaction with businesses' offerings

Improved User Experience

By providing users with intuitive navigation, detailed information, and visually appealing displays, the XMaps interface enhances the overall user experience, making it easier and more enjoyable to interact with businesses

Increased Conversion Rates

The ability for users to explore locations, products, and services with ease and confidence leads to higher conversion rates, as users are more likely to make informed decisions and take action

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Businesses can leverage the XMaps interface to increase their brand visibility and exposure, reaching new audiences and reinforcing their presence in the market
The Ultimate Fusion of Wishlist, Favorites and Advertising


XCircle is a groundbreaking feature within the Nexth ecosystem that seamlessly blends wish lists, favorites, and advertising into a unified, interactive experience.

By transforming any news and link from any source or website into powerful, contextualized value-added advertising messages, XCircle enhances user engagement and interaction. (Wiki)

A Blend of Wishlist, Favorites, and Advertising

XCircle combines the functionalities of wish lists and favorites with cutting-edge advertising techniques. Users can curate their favorite content and wish lists while interacting with personalized, contextually relevant advertising messages.

Geolocalized Experience

Thanks XMaps, XCircle also features a Geolocalized Experience function, which allows users to localize Phygital experiential activities and interact with businesses in a more meaningful way.

Latest & Updated Move on the Top

XCircle: How It Works

Selected Phygital Links from Everywhere (MultiSources)

XCircle curates phygital links from various sources, ensuring a diverse and comprehensive selection of content

Latest & Updated Content

The most recent and relevant phygital links are moved to the top, ensuring users have access to the freshest content.

Interactive XChat for Each XCircle Element

Each element within XCircle features an interactive chat function, allowing users to discuss and engage with the content in real-time

XCircle: Enhancing User Engagement

XCircle transforms passive news consumption into an active and engaging experience. By integrating wish lists, favorites, and contextualized advertising with interactive messaging capabilities similar to WhatsApp and WeChat, XCircle provides users with a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Create Unique Phygital XWorlds and XCorners


XSpot empowers users to create their own digital worlds within the Nexth.one ecosystem, offering unique XWorlds and XCorners with exclusive interactions, ensuring every visit is an adventure.(Wiki)

  • XImage: Engage with interactive elements overlaid on images, enhancing visual experiences and allowing for immersive interactions
  • XVideo: Explore videos with interactive overlays, enabling dynamic engagement and personalized experiences
  • XWeb: Interact with websites directly within the XSpot environment, seamlessly integrating online content for enhanced browsing experiences
  • XAuctions: Participate in interactive auctions overlaid on images, videos, and websites, offering engaging opportunities for bidding and purchasing
  • XAffiliate: Create affiliation interactions over images, websites, and videos, fostering collaborative connections and partnerships

Integration with XMaps

XSpot seamlessly integrates with XMaps, allowing users to strategically place XSpots within their Phygital World. With this integration, users can enhance their digital environment by adding interactive elements to specific locations on the map.

By leveraging XMaps dynamic visualization and interactive mapping features, users can easily identify ideal locations for their XSpots. Whether it's highlighting points of interest, creating interactive experiences at specific venues, or organizing virtual events across different locations, XMaps provides the framework for integrating XSpots into the Phygital World.

This integration enhances the overall user experience by offering a cohesive and interactive digital environment where users can explore, interact, and engage with XSpots seamlessly integrated into their surroundings.

With XSpot, users can unleash their creativity and build immersive digital spaces tailored to their preferences, offering endless possibilities for exploration and interaction.

XSpot: Create Unique XWorlds and XCorners

XSpot empowers users to create their own digital worlds within the Nexth.one ecosystem, offering unique XWorlds and XCorners with exclusive interactions, ensuring every visit is an adventure.


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